How do you store the archive boxes?

Archive Boxes are stored in steel racking designed warehouses at IMS Warehouse. Boxes are

What is “Indexing charges”?

Indexing charges will be imposed on each box during arrival. The indexing activity conducts bar code labeling and data entry to ims’ computer database system.

How do you track my box?

Each box is given a unique bar code, which identifies it in our record storage database. Each process of delivery and storage is monitored and reported on according to the barcode.

How often can I access my records?

Records may be accessed between 9am & 4pm Monday to Friday. We require a half day to prepare the boxes for the client.

Are all my records stored together?

No. Due to the bar code system boxes may be stored at any location. Each location has a bar code so when a box is placed there it is scanned to the location making it always accessible.

What happens if I need my records after office hours?

Boxes may be accessed after office hours. There is an additional surcharge of for this service.


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